Looking for long-term success? Some of the most productive people throughout history — from Benjamin Franklin to Steve Jobs — put useful routines into practice the moment they woke. Just as a financial plan must be customized for each person, so should your morning routine. Personalize the details to suit your goals and lifestyle, and leverage new technology and time-tested wisdom to establish a healthy, lasting habit.

Focus on the Physical
For your mind to perform at its peak, your body must be well maintained and have energy to fuel your brain. This starts with eating a nutrient-rich diet and reaping the benefits of regular workouts. Caring for your mind and body as a daily, long-term practice can help guard against deterioration and illness. Because poor health can be expensive to fix with doctor visits, medication and procedures, it’s smart to invest in preventive care.

Automate the Hard Parts
When it comes to optimizing your ideal morning routine, you now have many mobile app options that can do some of the heavy lifting for you. For example, if you’re not an early riser by nature, consider an alarm clock app that can sense the optimal time to wake you up, or take advantage of curated playlists filled with energizing tunes chosen specifically to get your blood pumping.

Reflect and Engage
Each morning gives you a fresh start, so use it to ruminate and act on your personal priorities. Whether that’s spending some quality time with the family or enjoying a quiet meditation before the busy day begins, aim to bring a better sense of work-life balance and perspective to the tasks before you

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