Our clients are probably just like you!

We serve individuals, family offices, and businesses in Tennessee and throughout the nation. While a great number of our clients are local, we also have clients from as far as Florida and Texas to Washington State, Oregon, and beyond.

Most of our clients are affluent, but we’re honored to serve anyone who or any organization that values and respects our time and guidance. We’ve worked with retirees, minor children, young adults, and those in their earning years; we’ve worked with engineers, nurses, doctors, business owners, artists, restauranteurs, farmers, teachers, military, law enforcement, attorneys, statesmen, and more; we’ve worked with sole proprietors, business startups, growth companies, and $100+ million companies on boards and as officers or CFO; we’ve advised churches and other non-profits, political action committees, investment funds, schools, credit unions, governments, manufacturers, retailers, and the list goes on and on.

And, we strongly believe consideration of worldview is an important aspect to financial planning, strategy, and execution. We have clients from all socio-political, religious, and ideological backgrounds, but you should know that our leadership and staff advise from a Judeo-Christian, liberty minded, free-market perspective.