Today, we have four Divisions ready to serve your financial needs, though in the beginning Our Leadership team and Firm had a humble start; there we no “silver spoons”. Adrian Eddleman is the grandson of sharecroppers and the son of educators. Lee Eddleman was the first with a college degree in her family. But our heritage is that of integrity, hard work, creativity.

Mr. Eddleman’s experience with small business development and management go back to 1988 and his experience with commercial real estate management, leasing, marketing, and finance goes back to 1995. Mrs. Eddleman’s public accounting experience began in 1989, with corporate accounting experience dating back to 2001.

In 2001, desiring to shift away from corporate America and back to the entrepreneurial spirit of his youth, Mr. Eddleman left the corporate world to start working on the client side of the investment industry. However, he quickly found that even as an independent contractor, he wasn’t really “independent”. Most of the industry focused on sales production, and his desire was to work for the best interest of his clients!

Determined to work for his client’s and not at the behest of some firm on Wall Street, Mr. Eddleman navigated the complex regulatory environment and undertook the significant cost of opening his own, directly Registered Investment Advisor in 2005. With his wife and partner, the Eddleman’s were serving their clients with investing and Financial Planning in solely a fiduciary capacity a full decade before most of the industry was even talking about such a way to provide investment advice.

In 2006, the firm expanded to begin serving the clients of other companies including CPA firms, credit unions, and even a broker dealer. In 2008, Eddleman & Eddleman received a Chamber of Commerce Emerging Business Pinnacle Award.

In 2012, Lee Eddleman became head theĀ  Certified Public Accounting and Tax division of Eddleman & Eddleman. 2015 brought the addition of Eddleman Venture Capital to the lineup allowing for the development of our own Venture Capital or Private Placement, Regulation D offerings.