Many of the clients we serve are indeed affluent individuals, their families, or even a family office. But if you’re an every day American, working hard, and getting your hands dirty, you’re still our kind of people. Unlike many elite advisory firms, we don’t set asset minimums for investments nor turn away a standard 1040 tax filer.

Even so, we have the skill, knowledge, experience, and ability to guide individuals with complex investments, diverse real estate holdings, complicated business structures, multigenerational families, and most any other challenge you seek financial guidance about.

We love getting to know what’s important to our clients and guiding them down a prudent path toward their future. So, whether your a farm hand or farming with a crew on 10,000 acres, a factory worker or own the factory, a fireman or physician, a steel worker or statesman . . . We’d love to journey with you as you take the next steps toward your financial future.