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Eddleman & Eddleman, LLC, is a comprehensive Financial Planning firm
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Asset Management

For many firms, asset management and investment management are synonymous terms, however for Eddleman clients, asset management means we consider and advise you on liquid investments and other items of monetary value, considering both simultaneously. What does that mean? It means when advising you on your IRA investments, we also consider the 401k at your current employer as well as the real estate you inherited from your parents, and the small business that you own.

Financial Planning

Most people have dreams for the future and for many of those dreams, their accomplishment is at least influenced if not completely determined by financial decisions. Financial Planning means understanding where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow and then helping you to chart a course to get there. It’s much more than just stacking the money as high as possible. It’s about making tough decisions such as whether to pay of the house early and how that may impact both your retirement and funding the kid’s college.

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning is really very different for everyone. For some, retirement means not working at all. However, for most, even those with the financial ability to not “have to” work, retirement means having the ability to do what you want, when you want. That may be taking a trip with the grandchildren, opening that small business you always dreamed of, perhaps even working when you want, and doing what you love regardless of the pay.

Wealth Management

You’ve worked hard, saved, invested, and realized the financial success of the labor and planning. Now, you need an advisor who can make sure the wealth you’ve established has the best opportunity of doing its job. Perhaps you’re concerned with how to establish the same ethics in the next generation before handing the assets over or maybe you’re unsure whether to just donate those funds or establish your own foundation. Whatever your dream for your wealth, we understand there’s a lot more to wealth management than balancing risk/return, cutting checks, and minimizing taxes.

Risk Management

Managing risk is much more complex than most people realize and plays a much more central role in reaching financial objectives than most realize. And, whether you realize it or not, you take risk every day with your finances and other parts of your life.

The first step to managing financial risks with both your investments and other aspects of your finances is understanding what those risks are and then deciding whether those risks can/should be eliminated, avoided, minimized, or mitigated. We have extensive experience in helping you analyze and manage investment risk. Furthermore, we don’t sell insurance because we prefer not to interject bias into our advice, however, we have significant knowledge and understanding of insurance should you wish to consider using it to mitigate certain financial risks. Finally, we understand the more complex aspects of risk management with techniques such as corporate formation.

Real Estate and Hard Asset Advisement

No we don’t sell or broker real estate or other hard assets, but our significant knowledge of real estate management and disposition can help you. And, unlike so many other advisors today who primarily focus on liquid assets, we’ll advise you regarding other hard assets such as the precious metals, Gold and Silver. We’ve even helped our clients with valuable collectibles like art and cars. And, while we don’t appraise such assets, there’s much more to disposition of these assets than finding the top bidder.

Business Planning

We can assist you with most any financial need for your small business. Our decades of experience in leasing, managing, marketing, budgeting, accounting, investing, planning, reporting and more are at your disposal! Learn More.

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