It may seem early, but the start of a new year is an ideal time to get your ducks in a row when it comes to tax preparation. Use the following tips to get some work done now and avoid the panic of procrastination.

Revisit Your Usual Routine
The bulk of tax prep comes down to organized paperwork, so take stock of your documents. To report income, you’ll want W-2 statements if you’re salaried, 1099s if you do any freelance work and end-of-year statements for taxable investment accounts. Keep in mind that employers have until Jan. 31 to file and provide copies of W-2s and most 1099s to employees and contractors.

Strategize Your Upcoming Tax Bill
One significant benefit to gearing up for tax season now: You can potentially owe less to the IRS by stashing away some funds in tax-advantaged accounts. You have until April 17, 2017, to max out 2016 contributions in a Traditional IRA, solo 401(k) or health savings account and potentially net a nice deduction as a result. Or if 2016 resulted in lower-than-usual income and you can afford to pay more taxes (but at a lower rate), consider whether a Roth conversion makes sense for the year.

Note What’s New
High-income earners should be aware of phaseout limits for itemized deductions, the Medicare surtax and a new higher rate for dividends and long-term capital gains. And if you were without healthcare coverage in 2016, don’t be surprised when the IRS levies a penalty fine.

Square away your tax situation early in the year so you have plenty of time to identify potential gaps, valuable opportunities and strategies to protect your hard-earned wealth for this year and the next.

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